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3D Computer Flow Analysis of a

Performance Intake and Exhaust Port

Presented at 2021 PRI show

At the 2021 PRI show EngSim presented the capabilities of using 3D simulation to accelerate performance intake and exhaust port development. 

This presentation focused on our aftermarket performance clients who want to reduce dependence on physical testing and improve development with iterations in simulation environment.

Executive Summary:

  • 3D CFD virtual testing does not replace physical testing but there are advantages of using simulation vs. a flowbench for early iterations and visualization of flow.
  • EngSim has experience in CFD development of port, manifold, in-cylinder combustion, aftertreatement components, generator enclosures, and cooling systems.
  • In the presentation, EngSim has an example case-study focused on development of an intake and exhaust port. It showcases how simulation can be used to calculate flow capacity, discharge co-efficients, swirl, tumble-X, tumble-Y, and provide detailed 3D in-cylinder views.