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Digital Testing and Design at it relates to Product Development

Presented at 2021 SEMA show

At the 2021 SEMA show EngSim presented the capabilities of using 1D and 3D simulation to accelerate product development. This presentation was focused on two customer types:

  1. Aftermarket performance clients who want to develop racing components and want to reduce dependence on physical testing and improve development with iterations in simulation environment.
  2. Electric vehicle conversion experts who want to adopt simulation to showcase the impact of their electric powertrain on conventional vehicles.

Executive Summary:

  • Presentation includes an example of how simulating an ICE valvetrain in a 1D tool enhaces the understanding of individual cylinder breathing, valvetrain kinematics, and valvetrain dynamics, without the need for dyno and sensors.
  • EngSim has used 3D CFD to accelerate port and manifold development. 3D CFD enables the engineers to visualize flow and characterize engine swirl and tumble.
  • 3D CFD can also be used to understand the impact of changing piston or compression volume design on combustion.
  • EngSim has deep expertise of modeling conventional and xEV vehicles in 1D simulation tools. That includes the entire powertrain and controls development. These capabilities have been used to evaulate impact of hybridizing a conventional powertrain and sizing the electrical powertrain.
  • For electric vehicle conversion companies, this means that we can model the conventional vehicle, replace the ICE powertrain with the EV powertrain, and then run drive-cycle simulations to analyze fuel economy improvement, ROI, etc