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Main Insights from SAE World Congress Experience 2018

This year we made our first appearance as exhibitors at the SAE World Congress Experience.

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Here are our main insights from the conference:

  • While the overall theme of this year’s SAE Congress revolved around autonomy and vehicle connectivity, there was still tremendous content about IC engines and electrification.
  • Also, we agree with the many of the experts there that “…the IC engine is not dead yet…” and there is a lot of work left to do in this long transition to full battery electric vehicles.
  • The advancement in engines is focusing on engine breathing using valvetrain technologies, variable compression ratio, EGR, and alternative fuels. There is also focus on boosting with turbochargers and electric-Boosters.
  • Electrification of the powertrain is the primary driver for the industry. Mild hybrid and P2-hybrid powertrain, with enabling components, being most popular.

EngSim's 15 years of expertise in 1-D engine development, controls, conventional and hybrid vehicle modeling <insert link to SAE paper>, aligns us well with the direction of the industry. We are developing our 3D-CFD capabilities as well.

It was great reconnecting with past clients and learning about the needs of companies in the industry. EngSim will continue to make appearances at conferences to keep close contact with the industry.