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Virtual Prototyping and Flow Analysis of a Generac Generator Enclosure using CONVERGE CFD

Presented at 2021 CONVERGE User Conference

EngSim had the privilage to partner up with Generac for a project that was presented at the 2021 CONVERGE User Conference, "Virtual prototyping and flow analysis of a generator enclosure using CONVERGE CFD."

Executive Summary:

  • EngSim worked with Generac to use 3D CFD to virtually prototype generator enclosures.
  • System pressure calibration was done in the CFD environment to evaluate the possible flow rate through the enclosure and compare it with the minimum threshold demanded by heat transfer requirements.
  • First phase simulation results gave the team an idea of velocity magnitudes in the enclosure, which were compared against a max threshold as a surrogate for noise levels.
  • Improvements were made to the enclosure geometry and simulated to confirm performance against the flow and velocity magnitude limits.
  • A hot flow simulation enabled the team to visualize hot zones and critical areas for thermocouple locations.
  • An iterative process led to a 21.3% increase in available flow rate and a 19.1% drop in critical velocity magnitude in the enclosure.
  • PSimulation enabled the Generac team to minimize physical prototype iterations and accelerate the development cycle time.