• Trusted Simulation Partners for Advanced Powertrain Development

    We support concepts, conventional, hybrid, and electric systems

  • Consulting services

    From detailed 3D CFD to 1D full system vehicle modeling and analysis

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    • Boosting system optimization
    • Predictive combustion modeling
    • EGR systems development
    • HCCI and GCCI analysis
    • VVT, VVL, and VCR development
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    • Drive cycle analysis
    • Fuel economy prediction
    • Transmission modeling and gear shifting optimization
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    • 48V mild hybrid conversion and controls development
    • Hybrid mode comparison: P0 to P4
    • Motor and battery sizing
    • Electric vehicle modeling and development
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    • Cam design
    • Kinematic and dynamic modeling
    • Spring dynamic analysis
    • Hydraulic element modeling
    • Camshaft bending and torsional analysis
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    • Detailed cooling system modeling and controls
    • Conventional and electric motor pump, fan, radiator development
    • 3D Underhood and coolant flow analysis
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    3D CFD

    • In-cylinder flow and combustion analysis
    • Manifold flow analysis
    • Spray modeling and mixing
    •  Aftertreatment CFD

    GT-SUITE is the industry standard tool for engine and vehicle simulation.  EngSim's combined team experience with GT-SUITE is more than 50 years. 


    Our team has utilized CONVERGE CFD to analyze a wide array of engine sizes and types.  CONVERGE cases are usually running within a few days.


    Higher performance and stricter fuel economy regulations are driving the need for efficient systems and technologies. Innovation has become key to a company's success.


    To speed up the design and development process simulation is key!


    EngSim is an engineering consulting company specializing in engine and vehicle simulation.

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    The Advanced Guide to GT-POST Features

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    If you're a GT-SUITE user you use the GT-POST post-processing tools for two reasons:

    1. To analyze your results and make informed decisions.
    2. To generate graphs that tell a story. A story that you will present to your audience.

    With advanced features in this guide, you will become better at doing both. Become a better presenter, and make better decisions by having the data plotted in the best way possible.


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